Casper Reunion 2009 Banquet Dinner & Dance

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Ned Costa presents Randy Plese with a plaque & thanks him for all of his work as CAPO 2009 Reunion Chairman

Ned Costa presenting Art McBride with a plaque & thanking him for his leadership role as CAPO 2009 President

Kitty Costa after receiving a bouquet of flowers and chocolate from Randy Plese

Susan Plese also receives a bouquet of flowers from Randy Plese

CAPO 2010 Reunion Chairman Bob Mac Glaflin tells the group about our next Casper Reunion in San Antonio

Guest Don Lindsey shares his thoughts about the men of Casper Platoon

U.S. Congressman, former 173d Airborne Ranger Duncan Hunter talks to our group

CAPO 2010 Vice President Elect Tom Quinn addresses the group

Walt & Kathy Henderson talking to guest Jim Dartenay

Raffle Prizes about to be won

Chuck Merkel and some of our ladies

Sal Sosa & Terry Lee Parker

Art McBride, Ned Costa & Phil Johnson

Tom Quinn & Ryan Kidd

Phil Johnson with his kid's Phlip, Kristy & Scott

LaRue Terry, Walt henderson & Jerry Terry

Manny Mijares, Joe Costa & Ned Costa

Steve Greene & Donny Kidd Jr

Manny & Cathy Mijares with Kitty Costa

Ned Costa & Steve Greene

Christy Costa & daughter Jaden

Craig & Kristy Hamilton

Kim & Scott Johnson & Craig Hamilton

Ed Johnson, Chuck & Diane Merkel

Leslie Kidd & LaRue Terry

Randy & Susan Plese

John Wilkofsky & Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson with Philip & Donna Johnson

Lucky winner as Randy Plese presents John Wilkosky with his raffle prize

Kalan Colon & Tom Quinn

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