Casper Reunion 2009 Ice Breaker Party

Kicking-off the Annual Casper Ice Breaker Party with a toast to our platoon were Caspers - Phil Johnson, Steve Sprague, Donny Kidd Jr., Ned Costa, Walt Henderson, Rick Tompkins and Randy Plese.  The toast was provided by fellow Casper Don McKeough who is currently flying in Afghanistan.  Because Don couldn't be at this reunion, he instead sent the funds and a written toast for Randy to say at this party -- salute!

Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

San Diego, CA ∙ June 22 - 25, 2009

Ice Breaker Party

The reunion started on a Monday this year but some of the guys and their families arrived early to enjoy an extra day in beautiful and sunny San Diego.  Each of our reunion events were held at the Handerly Hotel & Resort -- This event was held in the hotel garden and everyone had a great time!

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The hotel marquee "welcomes" the Casper Aviation Platoon

Phil Johnson, Ned Costa & Bob Mac Glaflin

Sal Sosa & Jerry Terry

John Wilkofsky & Walt Henderson

Art McBride & Terry Lee Parker

Randy Plese & Ned Costa

Tom Quinn & his guest Kalan Colon

Bob Mac Glaflin

Chuck & Diane Merkel, & Kathy Henderson

Rick Tompkins, Donny Kidd Jr. & Steve Sprague

Art McBride & Ned Costa

John Wilkofsky, Bob Mac Glaflin, Terry Lee & Bethanne Parker, and Phil Johnson

Sal Sosa & Sal Sosa Jr

Chuck Merkel, Marilyn Jones, Kitty Costa & Gay Tompkins

John Wilkofsky & Susan Plese

Fello Texans Walt henderson, Sal Sosa, Jerry & LaRue Terry discussing the 2010 Casper Reunion in San Antonio

Phil Johnson & Rick Tompkins

Reunion Chairman Randy Plese hanging out with the ladies

Rick Tompkins, Don Lindsey, Jerry Brown, Ned Costa, Phil Johnson, Tom Quinn, Art McBride, John Wilkofsky & Kalan Colon

Phil Johnson, John Wilkofsky, Tom Quinn, Terry Lee Parker & Kalan Colon

Ned Costa & Sal Sosa

Bob Mac Glaflin, Randy Plese & Ned Costa

Steve Sprague, John Wilkofsky & Chuck Merkel

Ned Costa & John Wilkofsky

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