Casper Reunion 2009 Banquet Dinner & Dance

Posing in the garden area outside of our banquet room are Caspers: Ned Costa, Terry Lee Parker, Tom Quinn, John Wilkofsky, Sal Sosa, Chuck Carroll, Art McBride, Jerry Brown, Phil Johnson, Jerry Terry, Walt Henderson, Chuck Merkel, Rick Tompkins, Randy Plese, Steve Sprague, Steve Greene, Bob Mac Glaflin & John Mangold.

Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

San Diego, CA ∙ June 22 - 25, 2009

Banquet Dinner & Dance

Our banquet dinner & dance was held Thursday evening.  There were 61 Caspers and guests in attendance at our final event for 2009.  Colors were posted by a local San Diego Boy Scout Troop and we had a surprise from U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter as our guest speaker.  Duncan was a former 173d Airborne Brigade Ranger serving in Vietnam from 1969 - 1970.  Accompanying him was Larry Gorfine, Past President of the San Diego Chapter of the 173d Airborne Brigade Association, who also served in the Herd in 1969.

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CAPO Executive Director Ned Costa welcomes everyone to the 2009 Banquet

CAPO 2009 President Art McBride addresses the group

CAPO Sergeant at Arms John Wilkofsky intructs the Color Guard to Post our Colors

Color Guard from a local San Diego Boys Scout Troop Posts our Colors

CAPO President Elect 2009 Phil Johnson reads the "Missing Man" poem

CAPO Past President Walt Henderson delivers the invocation

CAPO 2009 Reunion Chairman instructs the banquet servers to begin

John Wilkofsky standing proudly at the Caspers Missing Man Table

Casper Memorial Bronze Plaque displaying the names of the 11 Casper KIA's

Jerry & Marilyn Brown

Chuck & Rosemarie Carroll

Ned & Kitty Costa

Steve & Carmen Greene

Walt & Kathy Henderson

Phil Johnson

Marilyn Jones

Donny & Leslie Kidd, Jr

Art McBride

John & Maureen Mangold

Bob Mc Glaflin

Chuck & Diane Merkel

Terry Lee & Bethanne Parker

Randy & Susan Plese

Tom Quinn

Sal & Norma Sosa

Steve & Tedd Sprague

Jerry & LaRue Terry

Rick & Gay Tompkins

John Wilkofsky

Steve Sprague & Donny Kidd Jr

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