Casper Reunion 2011 Wildhorse Saloon

Special Casper Aviation Platoon reunion slide projected on the video wall during our stay at the Wildhorse Saloon

Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

Nashville, TN ∙ June 25 - 28, 2011

The Wildhorse Saloon

A well-known hot spot in downtown Nashville.  The Caspers took full advantage of this venue with a night out at the Wildhorse with dinner, line dancing lessons, dancing and a little fun!

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Terry Lee Parker, Tom Quinn & Don Sholett

Bill Kane & Ron Hurst

Ray French & Jerry Hollis

Stan Streicher & a couple of friends

Ned Costa & Larry Kahila

Phil Johnson & Maureen with Buddy King

Line dancing lesson

Phil Johnson & Ned Costa

Virgil Lamb & Fay Pegram

Chuck & Diane Merkel with Jim Revoir

The Kidd Family with Walt Henderson & Randy Plese

Art McBride & Christine Patrick

Bill Fielding

Phyllis Kahila & Kitty Costa

Mike Gauntt & Cindy Etheredge

Goug Walton & Randy Schweitzer

Ready to eat then dance are Kathy Herderson & Patrica King

Patrica King & Phyllis Kahila posing with the Wildhorse

The Edenfield Family

Retha Hollis, Pam Kenney & Teresa Lavender

Grover & Linda Hudgins with their son Matt

Mike Moore & Gordy Anderson

Ned & Kitty Costa

Don & Debbie Sholett with John Wilkofsky & Cheri Walton

Nancy Fielding & Mike Moore

Bob Jameson, Art McBride & Fay Pegram

Larry Kahila, Ron Hurst & Gordey Anderson

Kathy Henderson, Patrica King & Marilyn Jones

Chuck Merkel

Tom Quinn, Stan Streicher & Ned Costa

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