Casper Reunion 2010 Ice Breaker Party

Welcoming everyone to the 2010 Casper Platoon Reunion Ice Breaker Party are Caspers Buddy King, Phil Johnson, Chuck Carroll & Ned Costa.

Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

San Antonio, TX ∙ June 21 - 24, 2010

Ice Breaker Party

Our first get together for 2010 began inside of the Stetson Room of the Hilton Rio Palacio Hotel.  This turned out to be a great start at the reunion.

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Phil Johnson & Sal Sosa

Steve Green, Mike Gauntt & Cindy Etherede

Randy Schweitzer, Tom Quinn & Jim Jeffryes

Ned Costa & Gordy Anderson

Larry Kahila & Stan Streicher

Larry Kahila, Art McBride & Steve Greene

Dale Birney, Steve Greene & Jerry Terry

Gordy Anderson & Mike Gauntt

Jerry & LaRue Terry, Phil Johnson, Donny Kidd Jr., & Gary O'Leary

John Wilkofsky, Christine Patrick & Vickie Schweitzer

Norma Sosa, Phyllis Kahila, Kitty Costa, Patsie King & Marilyn Jones

Nancy Fielding, Don & Lois Bliss

Mike Del Monaco, George Kenney & Dale Birney

Phil Johnson & Donny Kidd Jr.

Larry Kahila & Sal Sosa

Sal Sosa & Gordy Anderson

Ned Costa & Phil Johnson

Before the Photo Shop editing

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