Casper Reunion 2007 Ice Breaker Party

                   Caspers - Grover Hudgins, Don Charlton, Art McBride, Buddy King, Ned Costa, Steven Greene, Tom Town , Ray O'Connor, Chuck Merkel,

                   Art Cruz & Steve Spooner meet across the street from the hotel for a quick drink.


Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

Nashville, Tennessee ∙ June 25 - 27, 2007

Ice Breaker Party

The reunion started on a Monday this year and we combined the Casper Registration with the Ice Breaker Party.  Each of our reunion events were held in the Cumberland Banquet Room at the Downtown DoubleTree Hotel -- This traditional kick-off to our reunion was awesome!


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Casper Platoon veteran models the newly designed Casper Reunion T-Shirt

CAPO Secretary Tom Quinn parparing the registration table

Sal Sosa checking in

Phil Johnson, Ned Costa & Buddy King

Virgil Lamb "We're #1"

Doug Walton & Gordy Anderson

John Wilkofsky

Art McBride & Steve Greene

Walt Henderson, Richard Hathcock & Don Bliss

Andy Williams, Virgil Lamb, Bubba, Jimmy Pollan & Bob Jamerson

Bill Fielding & John Ackleson

Bob Mac Glaflin & Grover Hudgins

Richard Head

Randy Plese & Art Cruz

Marilyn Jones & Tom Town

Tom Quinn, Doug Walton & Gordy Anderson

Phil Johnson & Ned Costa

Ned Costa & Bob Jameson

Dennis Bradley

Ray O'Connor

Bernard Timmons

Marilyn Jones, Steve Spooner, Shenendoah Doran & Scott Pipper

Leslie & Donny Kidd, Jr and Steve Greene

Phil Johnson, Art McBride & Bill Fielding

Cliff White & Cheri Walton

Art McBride & Steve Greene

John Wilkofsky & Walt Henderson

Jane Mendleson, Kathy Henderson, Buddy King, Susan Plese & Kitty Costa

Ned Costa & Jimmy Pollan

Casper Platoon Reunion Activity Bulletin Board

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