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                    CAPO Board Meeting at the 417 Club.  Rick Tompkins, Art McBride, Phil Johnson, Stan Streicher, Don Charlton, Guy Strang, Skyler &

                    Steve Greene, John Wilkofsky, Bill Fielding, Buddy King and Ned Costa.  Skyler was our Reunion Photographer and John was filling-in as

                    ours Sergeant at Arms.


Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

Nashville, Tennessee ∙ June 25 - 27, 2007

General Photos

During the Reunion Luncheon, Stan Streicher told of a story that happened in 1969 when some of the Caspers went into town (Bong Son) and spent hundreds of dollars of Monopoly Money in the bars.  This took place on the day that the MPC (Military Pay Currency)  bill design was changed throughout South Vietnam.  Long story short, the MP's came to "Ghost Town" looking for anyone who was involved in this caper -- when questioned, Stan didn't know anything about it.  However, he just learned recently that several of the Caspers were involved.  So nearly 40 years later, we decided to play a trick on Stan and staged a similar event at a bar -- but he gets caught trying to pay the bar tab!


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Group in deep discussion

Don Charlton presents Art McBride & Phil Johnson a special award

Steve Greene

John Wilkofsky

Art McBride & Phil Johnson

Stan Streicher

The meeting comes to an end

Ned Costa sticks Stan with the bill, but Stan doesn't know anything about the Monopoly Money we staged

Waitress tells Stan "Hey buddy, this isn't Vietnam and you can't pay for those drinks with Monopoly Money"

She hands Stan the Monopoly Money

Stan is totally caught off guard

Stan was a good sport!

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