Casper Reunion 2007 Fort Campbell Tour

                   Casper Platoon Veterans pose in front of a UH-1H Huey static display at the Fort Campbell Airfield.


Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

Nashville, Tennessee ∙ June 25 - 27, 2007

Fort Campbell Tour

Most of the Casper guys enjoyed the opportunity to visit Fort Campbell on Wednesday.  The tour took us to the Don F. Pratt Memorial Museum, the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) Firing Range, Lunch at the Aviation Brigade Dining Facility (mess hall) and the Airfield.


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Randy Schweitzer, Steve Greene & Steve Spooner on the bus

Caspers arrive at the museum

John Ackleson & Ned Costa

Jerry Terry

Sal Sosa & Steve Greene

John Ackleson, Buddy King & Doug Walton

Bob Mac Glaflin

Randy Plese

Chuck Carroll

Walt Henderson, Cliff White & Ned Costa standing in front of an NVA anti-aircraft display

Steve Greene looking at the 173d Airborne Brigade display

OH-6A Display

Larry Kahila

Arriving at the EST Firing Range

Gordy Anderson, Chuck Merkel, Steve Greene & Richard Head ready for simulated combat

Ned Costa

Phil Johnson

Walt Henderson & Tom Town

EST Firing Range

Caspers in front of the Aviation Brigade Dining Facility (mess hall)

Form a line! Lucky for us that we didn't have to do 10 "pull-ups" before entering the mess hall

Phil Johnson, Chuck Merkel, Tom Quinn, Jerry Terry & Jerry Brown

Steve Spooner, Bernard Timmons, Richard Head & Steve Greene

John Ackleson, Doug Walton & Walt henderson

Jerry Brown

Steve Spooner & Art Cruz

Virgil Lamb

Robert McDonald & Bob Jameson

John Wilkofsky takes a closer look at the Cobra

Static display of an OH-58A, AH-1 Cobra & UH-1H Huey helicopters at the airfield

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