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The Website Awards displayed on this page were presented by fellow Aviation, Military and Vietnam Veteran groups.     

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Seal Of Patriotism Award

This award is presented to

I am proud to present you with the Seal Of Patriotism Award.

Your site "Casper Aviation Platoon" is wonderful and most certainly deserves to carry my award. 

Everything about your site is wonderful!  Not only is your site easy to navigate it is also full of valuable information!

As the wife of a Vietnam Vet and the mother of a soldier serving in Iraq, I salute you for all that you and your website stand for! 

Thank you for making such a strong and positive contribution to the internet

The Seal Of Patriotism Award Program



Excellence Award

Presented to

I am honored to present your website with my highest award in recognition of the hard work you have put into your site.   I could tell by my visit and review that you are proud of your Vietnam helicopter unit, because it shows in your efforts.  Once again, Congrats!

Thank you,

The Old Sarge


The Gunners Net

Award of Excellence

Presented to

Congratulations Ned, We would like to award your website our Gunners Net Award of Excellence. You have got a outstanding website.

Congratulations once again,


Gunners Australia Association



29th Field Artillery Award

Dedicated Excellence

This award is presented to

 For its Veteran Appreciation on the Web


Thank you,

29th Field Artillery Regiment

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