Casper Reunion 2006 Dinner Cruise

                    Robert & Frankie Page headed for the boat house

Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

Las Vegas ∙ June 27 - 29, 2006

Lake Mead Dinner Cruise

On Wednesday Night, about 50 of us enjoyed a fantastic dinner aboard a really awesome Mississippi style paddlewheel ship called the Desert Princess.  The cruise couldn't be any better -- The weather, the crew and our dinners were all perfect!


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Only 30 Minutes Down The Road - Lake Mead is a short ride from the Las Vegas strip. This gave us time to catch up with one another

View Of The Lake - Photo from inside our tour bus as we approch Lake Mead

We Made It - Chuck & Diane Merkel are some of the first of the bus

Inside The Boat House - Randy & Susan Plese

Inside The Boat House - Ned Costa & Phil Johnson

I See You - Buddy King flirting with Kitty Costa inside the boat house

Good Pals - Bill Fielding, Ned Costa, Walt Henderson & Buddy King

Casper - John Wilkofsky

Casper - Tom Town

Caspers - Robert Page & Joe Schils

Inside The Boat House - Kathy Henderson & Frankie Page

Making Their Rounds - Steve Spooner & Pete Phillips visiting with others before boarding the ship

Aboard The Ship - Tom & Janice Town, Joe & Marilyn Jones catching up on old times

Aboard The Ship - Waiting for dinner to be served are Bill & Nancy Fielding and others at their table

In The Dining Room - George & Pam Kenney

In The Dining Room - Chuck & Diane Merkel

In The Dining Room - Tom & Janice Town

In The Dining Room - Steve Spooner & Pete Phillips, Robert & Frankie Page & Joe Schils

Smile For The Camera - Randy & Susan Plese, Jerry & LaRue Terry & Donny Jr & Leslie Kidd

In The Dining Room - Dale & Sharon Birney & daughter Candy

Gold Star Family - Donny & Leslie Kidd Jr

In The Dining Room - Ned & Kitty Costa

In The Dining Room - John Ackleson and his daughter Amber Bretz

In The Dining Room - Phil & Maureen Johnson

In The Dining Room - Jerry & LaRue Terry

On The Top Deck - John Wilkofsky

On The Top Deck - Nancy Fielding and her sister Elaine Broom

On The Top Deck - Mike Schmidt & Walt Henderson

On The Top Deck - Bill Fielding & Buddy King

On The Top Deck - Kitty Costa

On The Top Deck - Ned Costa & Buddy King

Enjoying The View - On the top deck are buddies Joe Jones & Tom Town

After Sun Set - Phil Johnson on the top deck watching while the ship pulls up to the dock next to the Boat house


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