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54 Casper Aviation Platoon Website Awards

The Website Awards displayed on this page were presented by fellow Aviation Units, Military Community and Vietnam Veteran groups.  We are proud and honored to have received these awards.- - Thank You!

Seal Of Patriotism Award

This award is presented to

I am proud to present you with the Seal Of Patriotism Award.

Your site "Casper Aviation Platoon" is wonderful and most certainly deserves to carry my award.  

Everything about your site is wonderful!  Not only is your site easy to navigate it is also full of valuable information!

As the wife of a Vietnam Vet and the mother of a soldier serving in Iraq, I salute you for all that you and your website stand for! 

Thank you for making such a strong and positive contribution to the Internet

The Seal Of Patriotism Award Program

29th Field Artillery Award

Dedicated Excellence

This award is presented to

For its Veteran Appreciation to all military on the Web.

Thank you,

29th Field Artillery Regiment

Military World


Presented to

Your website was judged on it's content, functionality, graphics and usefulness to the general public. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work!


Military World

The World Wide Web Awards

Gold Award

Presented to

Casper Aviation Platoon

Ned, The World Wide Web Awards are designed to supply formal recognition to webmasters & designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design content and creativity. Congratulations! Your site at: has been selected to receive the "Gold" Award from The World Wide Web Awards. Great Site, with nice graphics, layout, design, navigation and appearance. We enjoyed your site and learning about your platoon during the Vietnam War Your site is a wonderful contribution to the Internet community.

Awards Committee - The World Wide Web Awards

White Dog Healing Award

Presented to

As a door gunner on the Huey and the UH-34 at Marble Mountain, Dong Ha in 1966-67, I am delighted to offer you my White Dog Award.

We feel you have a beautiful site! There can never be enough thanks for our Veterans. To you Ned, I say, "thank you for your service to our country and welcome home."  I say, "Hoooorah!"

Thank you again,

Aurence & Biegun

American Memorial Tribute

Patriotic Award

Presented To

Congratulations!  We really enjoyed looking at your website!  You have a lot of military history, stories and photos of your unit during the Vietnam War.  Your patriotic tribute that is dedicated to all American veterans and 911 victims is also very well done.  It would be an honor for us to present with our Patriotic Award.

Thank you,

American Memorial Tribute

Congratulations!  Ned, I am please to present your website with my Crew Member Aviation Award for an Outstanding Website.  I really enjoyed my visit.


Hacksaw Awards


Crew Member

Aviation Award

Presented to

Casper Platoon Website

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