Casper Reunion 2004 Reunion Meeting Photo Album 2

Casper Aviation Platoon Frontier Hotel & Casino June 23, 2004

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CAPO Chaplain Doug Walton opens the meeting with a word of prayer as he delivers the invocation

CAPO Treasurer Phil Johnson delivers the remembrance to the Casper KIA & DAT

CAPO President Ned Costa Welcomes everyone to the 3rd annual Casper Platoon Reunion

First Casper Commanding Officer Don Bliss talks to the group about Caspers arrival into Vietnam

2004 CAPO Service Award was presented to Gary Braden for his unselfish devotion to CAPO (Casper Flags)

2004 CAPO Service Award was presented to Chuck Carroll for his unselfish devotion to CAPO (Casper Searches)

2004 CAPO Service Award was presented to Stephen Greene for his unselfish devotion to CAPO (Casper Montage)

2004 CAPO Service Award was presented to Tom Quinn for his unselfish devotion to CAPO (Casper Coins)

Not in attendance, but recognized for a 2004 CAPO Service Award were Richard Head & Stan Streicher (Casper Flags)

Doug Haviland presents Ned Costa with a sketch drawen by his daughter for his devotion as the CAPO Webmaster

Randy Plese presents Ned Costa with an engraved clock and gift certificate for appreciation as CAPO President in 2004

CAPO Past President Don Charlton presents Ned with a Field Commission, Sabre and a promotion to Executive Director, CAPO

CAPO Legal Council Rick Tompkins & 2005 CAPO President Walt Henderson

CAPO Secretary Ken Thomas starts the raffle & draws the first winning ticket for a wooden Huey

Randy Plese presents happy raffle winner John Swiney with his prize

Walt Henderson & the 721 crew present AF Pedro Pilot Dwight Hageman (L) with a Casper Coin

Scott & Dwight Hageman. Dwight was the third Pedro Pilot that flew help to the 721 crash site

Casper trivia game contestants compete for Casper challenge coin prizes

Jaime Longoria, Sal Sosa, Bill Nottingham, Tomas Rendon & Jimmy Pollan

Terry & Darla Hanks, Ron & Elisa Sargent

Warren Byxbee, Don Sholett & Virgil Lamb

Don Bachali & Don Bliss

Kitty Costa & Kathy Henderson

Casper Platoon Reunion

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