Casper Reunion 2004 Banquet & Dance Photo Album 4

Casper Aviation Platoon Frontier Hotel & Casino June 24, 2004

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Casper 721 crew: Cliff White, Ned Costa, John Steen & Walt Henderson

Comedian Grant Martell was working the room

DJ "Lucky Mac" is a VN Vet & Door Gunner with the 1/9 CAV in 1966-67

Don Charlton and his wife Shari starts off the dancing to "Light my Fire"

Phil & Maureen Johnson

Ken Thomas and Jane Malanson

Bernard & Jessie Timmons and Neal & Sandy McFarland

Walt Henderson keeping up with our gals while they dance the slide

Ken Thibodeaux

Kitty Costa & Cliff White

Barbara Anne leading the way

Kitty & Ned Costa

Jerry Brown provided CAPO with an OH-6 main rotor blade for prosperity. Tomas Rendon signs his name

Bill Nottingham, John Wilkofsky & others lined up to sign their names on it

John Steen, Virgil Lamb, Jackie & Dave Woodard

Ken Thibodeaux & Ed Liptrap

Dennis Bradley, Steve Spooner, Jerry Hollis, Ray French & George Kenney

Tom Huffman, Ed Liptrap, Dave Woodard, Don Sholett, Ken Thibodeaux, Gary Braden & Chuck Carroll

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

Two very lucky Caspers!

Barbara Anne & Don Bachali and others enjoying the moment

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