Casper Reunion 2002 Mini-Reunion Photo Album

VHPA Las Vegas Reunion Riviera Hotel & Casino July 5, 2002

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Tom Roy & Don Charlton

Jim Boswell & Larry Kahila

Phil Johnson & Ned Costa

Bill Nottingham, Bruce Neva, Bill Fielding & Ken Thomas

Rick Tompkins, Larry Pippen & Doug Walton

Phil Johnson, Walt Henderson & Ken Thomas

Gordy Anderson, Jim Revoir & Rick Tompkins

Jerry Brown, Don Sholett & Bill Fielding

Sal Sosa, Terry Gallagher, Bob White & Ned Costa

Ken Thomas holding court

Larry Pippen & Ned Costa

Bob White, Phil Johnson & Hank Martinez

Ned Costa & Larry Kahila

Jerry Brown, Ned Costa & Don Sholett

Jim Jeffryes, Doug Walton & Gordy Anderson

Jim Ward, Larry Pippen, Larry Kahila & Walt Henderson

Bill Fielding, Ray O'Connor & Larry Pippen

Bruce Neva

Gordy Anderson, Larry Pippen, Bill Nottingham & Ned Costa

Laura Kahila, Phyllis Kahila & Kitty Costa

Norma & Sal Sosa

Cliff White, Don & Debra Sholett

Kitty & Ned Costa

Casper Coffee Mugs

Casper Aviation Platoon 2002

Ned Costa presented with a plaque in appreciation as the Webmaster of Casper Platoon

Larry Pippen's Flight Helment

Casper Aviation Platoon 2002

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