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PHOTO ALBUMS: These Casper Aviation Platoon photo albums are a powerful collection of more than 1,000 pictures that historically documents our units combat role and involvement during the Vietnam War from early 1965 thru 1971.


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Casper Crew Chief SP5 Ned Costa enjoying some R&R at Red Beach, Qui Nhon in1969

Pilot CW2 Larry Pippen waving to kids at a village just west of Phu Cat AFB in 1969

Night Hawk Crew Dale Morrison AC, Tony "Zap" Zapanzic CC, Jerry Brown CC & Ski DG at LZ English in 1970

"Night Hawk" nose art. This is one of the last things that Charlie wanted to be seen by during the night 1970

Night Hawk fitted with a Mini-Gun that Casper Pilot CW2 Dale Morrison was able to secure LZ English 1970

Casper Airframe Mechanic SP4 Randy "Whitey" Switzer LZ English 1970

Pilot CW2 Ken Thomas preparing for a trip to Kontum. On flight line at LZ English in 1970

Casper Door Gunners SP4 Dean Asato & SP4 Doug "Short Round" Walton at LZ English in 1969

A "Very Thirsty" Aviator WO1 Randy Plese relaxing at Ghost Town 1970

Casper Pilot CW2 Dale Morrison at Lo Deu Beach enjoying some R&R in 1970

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Bob "Brownie" Brown at Ghost Town, LZ English 1970

Jay-Bo Casper Willie had "the longest tour" at Casper Aviation Platoon. LZ English 1969

Crew Chiefs Ned Costa & Bill Krueger "On Guard" in front of their tent with a view of the Ghost Town flight line in 1968

Casper Huey transports General Westmoreland from Dak To to Dak Pek 1967

General Westmoreland arrives at Dak Pek September 1967

Casper Pilots Phil Johnson & Bill Bassignani in front of "The Club" at LZ English 1969

Casper Huey flying over LZ Uplift in 1969

Casper Platoon Sgt Howard "Pappy" Upchurch & Door Gunner Sgt Joe Wood after a convoy from Tuy Hoa to Dak To in 1967

Caspers take 173d Airborne Chaplins on Sunday church run in Tuy Hoa area 1967

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Walter Tanaka & unk Casper eating C's near Hill 875 Dak To 1968

Caspers Claycomb, Petty & Doug Walton in front of the BEQ while others look. Ed Liptrap leaning against sandbags 1970

Casper Pilot WO1 Paul Boger standing in front of Special Forces Camp at Dak Pek 1967

Casper Huey leaving 173d Fire Base Kelly after finishing a re-supply mission 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Terry Williams standing on the flight line at LZ English in 1968

Casper Crew Chief SP5 John Evenson posing with Playmate Kathy McDonald & Dancer Dixie Clegg at LZ English 1969

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