Casper Reunion 2008 Ice Breaker Party

Caspers - Steve Greene, Chuck Merkel, Ned Costa, Don Sholett, Bobby Horowitz, Stan Streicher, Buddy King, Bob Mac Glaflin, Grover Hudgins,

Chuck Carroll, John Wilkofsky, Phil Johnson, Bob Jameson & Art McBride meet across the street from the hotel for a quick drink & cigar.


Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

Savannah, Georgia ∙ July 1 - 4, 2008

Ice Breaker Party

The reunion started on a Tuesday this year but many of the guys and their families arrived early to enjoy their stay in historic old Savannah.  Each of our reunion events were held at the DeSoto Hilton Hotel -- This traditional kick-off to our reunion was also awesome!


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Art McBride, Ned Costa & Phil Johnson start things going by hanging our new banner

Casper Platoon avionics nose panel on display

Casper memorial bronze plaque & flight helmet on display

Bob Mac Glaflin arrives early to check out the Raffle Prizes

Larry Kahila, Walt Henderson & John Wilkofsky swapping war stories in the hotel lobbly

Bill Krueger & Ned Costa catching up on the past 40 years

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