Casper Platoon: War Stories!

Collection of Personal Recollections

Stories told by:  Casper Members, Family & Friends



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War Story 1

    What Ever Happened To Howard "Pappy" Upchurch Written by: Neal Novosad, Friend

War Story 2

    What The Hell Is A Casper Platoon Written by: Stephen Greene, Casper Pilot

War Story 3

    Casper 721 Is Down Written by: Clifford White, Casper Pilot

War Story 4

    The Third Pedro Written by: Dwight Hageman, Air Force Pilot

War Story 5

    Remembering an Old Buddy -- Peter "SUPER" Hooper Written by: Stephen Greene, Casper Pilot

War Story 6

    Remembering a Good Pilot, Friend and Casper Written by: Richard Head, Casper Commanding Officer

War Story 7

    Jay-Bo Willie Casper Written by: Ned Costa, Casper Crew Chief




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