There were more than three dozen different movies made about the Vietnam War.  

Some of the more memorable movies are listed below:


84 Charlie Mopic

A Bright Shining Lie

Air America

Apocalypse Now (My Favorite)

Bat 21

Born on the Fourth of July

Casualties of War

Cease Fire

Coming Home

Eye of the Eagle

Firebase Gloria

Flight of the Intruder

Forrest Gump

Full Metal Jacket

Garden of Stone

Go Tell The Spartans

Good Morning Vietnam

Hamburger Hill

Hearts & Minds

Heaven & Earth

In Country

Iron Triangle

Missing in Action

Off Limits

Operation Dumbo Drop

Purple Hearts

Uncommon Valor


Rescue Dawn

Rumor Of War

Siege of Firebase Gloria

The Anderson Platoon

The Boys in Company C

The Deer Hunter

The Green Berets

The Hanoi Hilton

The Walking Dead

The War At Home

Tunnel Rats

Tropic Thunder


Platoon Leader

War Dogs

We Were Soldiers


Vietnam War

As Seen On the Big Screen

Casper aviation platoon Vietnam War Movies


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