Casper Aviation Platoon Organization

Casper Reunion 2013 - Registration Form

Please Print This Form and mail it along with your check to the CAPO Executive Director:


The 12th Annual 2013 Reunion will be held at the: Crowne Plaza Washington D.C. National Airport Hotel from Thursday, June 20th thru Sunday, June 23rd.  Reservation Deadline: May 1, 2013. 

The registration fee is non-refundable.  Other fees are also non-refundable after April 1, 2013.


Casper Reunion Registration Fee and Other Costs

Casper Registration Fee                        Reunion Banquet Dinner 

$50 per Casper                                      $65 per person  

Ladies Luncheon      Men's Luncheon     Casper Memorial Service

$TBD per person      $TBD per person     $TBD per person

Joe Kline Art Raffle        Other Raffle Prizes      

$5 per ticket                  $20 for 20 tickets         


Your Name:   Please Indicate Below:
Guest:   [    ] Registration: $50/per Casper
Guest:   [    ] Banquet Dinner: $65/person
Guest:   [    ] Ladies Luncheon: $TBD/person      
Guest:   [    ] Men's Luncheon: $TBD/person
Guest:   [    ] Casper Memorial Sevice: $TBA/person
Guest:   [    ] Optional Tour: $TBA/person
Guest:   [    ] Raffle Prizes: $20/20 tickets
Guest:   [    ] Raffle/Joe Kline Artwork: $5 ticket
Guest:   [    ] CAPO Annual Dues: $25
Special "Help Fund" Donations of any amount are appreciated    [    ] CAPO "Help Fund"
Banquet Dinner Sections: [    ] Beef  [    ] Chicken  [    ] Seafood   TOTAL $


Please make your check payable to: CAPO

Ned Costa

9158 Buell Street

Downey, CA  90241



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