Casper Aviation Platoon Organization

Welcome to CAPO.   Casper originally arrived in Bien Hoa with the 173d Airborne Brigade in 1965.  We proudly supported the "Herd" and left Bong Son, Vietnam with the Brigade in August 1971.  In 2002, we formed the Casper Aviation Platoon Organization and developed the Casper Platoon website.  To date,  we have located over 275 former Casper Crew Members.


About Our Group

Casper Aviation Platoon Organization has no political agenda. We are a non-profit Vietnam Veterans group and we simply provide the means to stay in touch with those fellow Casper Platoon Pilots, Crew Chiefs, Door Gunners and Mechanics who have all shared the same experiences  while serving together in Vietnam.

This very important Casper mission was successfully accomplished by providing the means to communicate with each other via the internet, our website, newsletter, email, telephone, snail mail and our annual reunions.  If you served with Casper, we encourage you to become a member of CAPO. The annual dues & donations help fun our organization's maintenance, website, publishing, postage, our annual reunion and other expenses.


Membership Information

If you were a Casper Crew Member and is interested in joining our group, making a donation or would like to renew your past expired membership, please send your $25 check today payable to CAPO along with your application to:


          c/o Phil Johnson

          27429 Garza Drive

          Santa Clarita, CA  91350

Application Apply Today

2005 CAPO Dues/Donations are due now.  Current members are listed below.

Casper Aviation Platoon Organization

2005 Membership Roster




John Ackelson

Robert Horowitz

Jim Revoir 

Gordy Anderson

Zelner Houchin

Robert Rousseau

Walter Bahriak

Jeff Hume

Tom Roy

Dale Birney

Gary Irwin

Ron Sargent

Don Bliss

Jim Jeffryes

Don Scholett

Jim Boswell

Phil Johnson

Randy Schweitzer

Gary Braden

Larry Kahlia

Jim Sickler

Dennis Bradley

Bill Kane

Bruce Silvey

Warren Byxbee

George Kenney

Tony Simmons

Chuck Carroll

Buddy King

Larry Snedden

Don Charlton

Bill Kinney

Sal Sosa

Ned Costa

Virgil Lamb

Steven Spooner

Dennis D'Andrea

Robert Mac Glaflin

Larry Stafford

Wendell Downs

Jack Marshall

Guy Strang

Robert Durand

Art McBride

John Swiney

Kent During

Don McGregor

Stephen Telgmann

Jeff Fales

Don McKeough

Thomas Terry

Bill Fielding

James McLeod

Rick Tompkins

Clyde Fuller

Chuck Merkel

Tom Town

Ray French

Skip Moorehouse

Randy Vestal

Terry Gallagher

Dale Morrision

Preston Wheaton

Rick Gaskins

Glen Neal

Bill Wansing

Mike Gauntt

Mike Nuckols

Charles West

Steve Greene

Gary O'Leary

Bob White

Terry Hanks

Larry Pippen

Cliff White

Richard Head

Randy Plese

John Wilkofsky

Martin Heck

George Purifoy

Joe Wolan

Walt Henderson

Lance Quesenberry

Bob Wooldridge

Tony Herbert

Tom Quinn

Jerry Hollis

Charles Reed

88 Members


2005 Executive Officers

Walt Henderson, President

Stephen Greene, Vice President

Tom Quinn, Secretary

Phil Johnson, Treasurer

Doug Walton, Chaplain

Rick Tompkins, Legal Council

Chuck Merkel, Unit Historian

Gary Braden, Colors Commander

Bill Fielding, Reunion Chairman

Ned Costa, Executive Director

Past Presidents

2003 - Don Charlton

2004 - Ned Costa





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